Wheel of Fire

The international smiths’ meeting in Ybbsitz (Austria), which takes place every two years, gave us the occasion to make a Wheel of Fire which was set up with the strength of a brook. June 2006.

Cultural exchange with the Ukraine

For a cultural exchange eight smiths and creators made that trip to the Ukraine in winter. Some acquaintances, which had been made at different smiths’ meetings before, became friends. New Year's Eve 2004/ 2005.

Smiths’ meeting 4th August 2007

At the 4th of August 2007, our workshop organised a smiths’ meeting at the “Schlossplatz”, the square in front of the castle, in Berchtesgaden. 15 Bavarian smiths participated. In cooperation with some representatives of the “Künstlerbund”, the artist cooperation in Berchtesgaden, several designs were developed and realised in forged metal in one single day.
Every object was sold and the sum raised was given to charity.
This showed again the efficiency of the smiths’ network.